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At AutoTrust Philippines, we help many people a year with their Car & Cash financing needs. This guide is designed to answer the major questions that constantly get asked, as well as to provide tools, such as Loan Calculator, that will help you go through the process and determine your approximate monthly payment. Hopefully, you’ll find it useful in shaping the best way to handle your Car & Cash financing.

Q: What type of Loans do you offer?
A: Brand New Auto Loan
     Used Auto Loan
     Cash Loan using Car as Collateral
     Payoff Bank balance / Re-Financing Loan
Q: What are the Requirements in applying for a Loan?
A: Please see Requirements page for the complete details, thank you.
Q: Is there any application Fee for an Auto Loan?
A: No, AutoTrust Philippines does not require a prepayment fees to apply for an Auto Loan. You have the flexibility to apply with us during your inquiry or upon loan approval receive a free, no-obligation quotation so you can compare offers and choose the loan that is right for you.  
Q: Who should I contact for general information?
A: If you have general questions and are not a current AutoTrust customer, call us at + (632) 782.0826 / + (632) 425.0203 / + (63) 920.9319698 or + (63) 922.8697301 and ask to speak to our account executive or look for Carl.
Q: What is the best way to apply, online or through fax application form?
A: Applying online is the fast, secure, private, easiest way and totally confidential application form. But for unavoidable circumstances you may download the application form online and fax to our office @ + (632) 425.0203.
Q: How do I apply for an Auto loan or Cash loan using car as collateral?
A: Simply fill-up the application form online, provide your personal information, work information and other references that is required on the form with the complete requirements.
Q: How soon will I know if my Auto loan application has been approved?
A: You will receive a call or text from us in 1 – 2 working days upon receiving for some required documents (for Brand New, Used Auto & Car as Collateral loan), depending on the CI status and prequalification decision, but some applications will require a more detailed review.
Q: How long will my Auto loan offer be good for?
A: Auto loan offers are valid 15 days from the date of approval.
Q: Can I buy any Car I like?
A: Yes, the only condition is that you buy a car from a reputable dealer, individual owner and that the car is worth the price you are paying.
Q: How long a period can I have finance for?
A: You can have finance from 12 – 60 months for brand new car and 12 – 48 months for used car depending on the age of the vehicle.
Q: How old must the car be?
A: Generally, the car you buy must be not more than 8(eight) years of age (2002 model and above.). For cash loan using car as collateral, we accept from year model 1998 and above depending on the brand and actual condition of the car.
Q: Do I need to pay a down payment?
A: Yes, deposit is necessary in buying either a used or brand new car. (Brand New Car-Minimum down Payment of 20%, while Minimum down payment of 30% for used car depending on the year model and appraised value).